Prepared with the proper equipment and accessories Tilestrip can complete any job quickly and profitably

When considering floor removal and surface preparation in the demolition and restoration process, the machinery utilized will determine the amount of prep-time required. Using the proper equipment and accessories we can decrease time and labour dramatically.

The 680 Polisher / Diamond Grinder

With its various diamond 'heads' is an efficient method of polishing large areas of concrete flooring in commercial / industrial buildings and new house pads.

The Grinder also safely removes large areas of ceramic tile glue, carpet glue, paint and epoxy coatings.

Electrically powered (3 phase, 32 amp), low noise output with a massive heavy duty extremely efficient dust collection system, this machine delivers the ultimate in concrete surface preparation.

Tilestrip S600

The Tilestrip S600 facilitates the fast and effective removal of:

  • Tiles - Vinyl and Ceramic
  • Carpets
  • Linoleum
  • Elastomerics
  • Parquetry
  • Rubber Membranes
  • Screed Surfaces

Running on gas makes the Tilestrip S600 safe to use indoors and with its low noise output and minimum dust distrurbance, it does not affect others working or living in close proximity.

With its compact dimensions (1.97 x 7) and with a weight of 1000 kg plus the Tilestrip S600 can fit through most door openings, allowing easy access to commercial projects.

Fast turn around and major cost savings are inevitable because of the reduction in manual labour.

Polisher / Diamond Grinder

Prep work in Major Shopping Centre
Prep work in Major Shopping Centre

Prep work in Major Shopping Centre

Prep work in Major Shopping Centre